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HRS Group Inc. supplies services in Health and Safety Training, Assessments, and Consulting. HRS Group Inc. provides Human Resource Consulting, Recruitment Assistance and Occupational Suitability Assessments.


Occupational Health and Safety Training

HRS Group’s experienced trainers and consultants will assist with all your Occupational Health & Safety training needs. If we don’t have the program you need, we will customize one for you.
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Health and Safety Assessments

HRS Group’s consultants can perform inspections of your workplace to assess physical hazards that may be present.
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Health and Safety Consulting

HRS Group’s consultants will assist you with your Health and Safety Program and work with your Joint Health and Safety Committee to help you pass the Workwell Audit the first time.
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Human Resource Consulting

HRS Group will assist your HR Department to setup a personnel record system, develop a policy and procedures manual that works, develop employee handbooks and health and safety manuals.
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Occupational Suitability Assessments

In order to maintain an efficient and dedicated workforce you must have the right people on staff. HRS Group, by means of pre-employment testing, can help you find the right person for the job.
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Recruitment Assistance

Recruiting the right person for the job is a costly and time consuming task for your Human Resource Department. HRS Group will advertise, accept résumés, prescreen potential candidates and perform pre-employment assessments. All appropriate candidates will be presented for further interviews by your staff to choose the right ones for your business.
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