Excerpt from the OH&S Canada Magazine

A 34-year-old worker was fatally injured on September 8 when a pre-fabricated concrete wall fell on him at a construction site near Halifax.

Chrissy Matheson, a spokesperson for Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development, says the accident occurred at about 11:30 am at the Burnside Industrial Park. The five-year employee of Tilt- Pro Contracting was working near the concrete wall, part of the future site of an Armour Transportation Systems (ATS) building, when a cement truck backed into the wall. The contact caused the wall to come down on the worker.

I have had the honour of suggesting changes in the Ontario, as well as the rest of Canada, health and safety legislation. The previous 99 blogs deal with Canadian content, specifically those in Ontario.

I thought it appropriate to complete the 100th blog with a recent example of an accident in the Galveston , Texas area. It just goes to show that health and safety in a 24/7 responsibility and occupational accidents have no borders.

I do not know the legislation and what laws are broken and it is my hope that someone from the great state of Texas will fill our readers in. Is it covered under Federal or State law? If I receive any follow-up on this particular incident I will forward it to the readers.

Thank you all for the dedicated readership during the first 100 blogs. The comments number over 6,900 as of today’s date, June 26, 2011 and it is my sincere wish to continue to provide quality blogs on health and safety for a long time to come.

Daniel L. Beal
Senior Trainer for HRS Group Inc.
Vice President