Blog Post #1335 – Worker’s Injuries from Construction Site Fall in Waterloo Results in $60,000 Fine for Innisfil Company


Excerpt from the government of Ontario’s ‘Newsroom’

A worker, employed by MTN Construction out of Innisfil, Ontario, fell 21 feet to the ground, sustaining injuries. Workers had not been given site-specific training nor had they been trained on where and how to properly tie off their fall protection equipment on this job site.

Blog Post #1334 – Safety Issues in “No-Go Zones”: Union


Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (November 2015)

Written by Jeff Cottrill, Editor

Safety issues in British Columbia’s social-worker sector have resulted in “no-go zones” throughout the province that aboriginal child-youth and family workers avoid, according to a report from the BC Government and Service employees’ Union (BCGEU).