The OPP, along with safety inspectors from the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of the Environment checked 1431 commercial vehicles on some of the busiest highways in Ontario during a successful 24-hour safety blitz. The final total of charges reached 355. This compares to 1,532 vehicles stopped and only 285 charges laid during the same timeframe last year. Inspectors checked trucks for poor maintenance, environmental violations and any mechanical problems.

A news release was made on August 16, 2010 providing fair warning to all drivers on the road. In fact, Operation Corridor was initiated in 2007, and has been yearly ever since.

It seems that most owner/operators or fleet owners save on safety and maintenance issues when curbing budget requirements. Safety and safety training are always the first to go when things get out of hand. I am glad that our OPP officers and the 2 Ministrys are being vigilant in their fight for safer commercial vehicles on the road. It wasn’t so long ago that we recall the wheels coming off a tractor trailer along the 401 and the same wheels ended up in the front seat of an automobile, killing the driver. If everyone in the commercial truck industry took safety seriously then safety inspections would not be required and safety blitzes unnecessary.

Please read the excerpt from the Canadian Press

“An Ontario power station will test additional workers for exposure to low levels of radiation as a precautionary measure,” a spokesman revealed. A memo sent to workers of Bruce Power, and a copy obtained by the Canadian Press, informed employees that due to alpha contamination discovered last year, the company would test other workers.

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

An Oxymoron is: A figure of speech that combines two apparently contradictory terms. I have explained in the past, that Alberta has one of the poorest safety records in Canada. Below is another recent issue that has to be dealt with. I would assume, as has happened in other less recent events, any and all parties will be found innocent due to lack of evidence. (or the lack of effort)