It has been our experience that many small to medium sized companies have little to no knowledge of their re- sponsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations or the Employment Standards Act. Running a business is more than a full time job and knowing everything you need to know can be overwhelming. You have a lawyer to help you with your corporate law issues and an accountant to help with tax law but who can help you with the labour law you are required to know as employers?

HRS Group Inc. and Putting People First Solutions are offering a one-day seminar for small to medium sized non-federal, non-union companies in order to help them understand the laws that are there to protect workers in the workplace. In this one-day seminar we will attempt to cover everything you need to know to be compliant.

The morning session will include:
8:15 – Registration
8:30 – Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations 9:15 – Responsibilities of management, supervisors and workers
9:45 – Rights of workers
10:15 – Morning break
10:30 – Hazard identification
11:15 – Accident investigation

12:00 – Lunch break

The afternoon session will include:
12:30 – The rights and obligations of employers and employees
1:15 – Wages, hours of work, rest periods, public holidays, vacation entitlements, pay periods & deductions, 2:45- Afternoon break
3: 00 – Leave of absence entitlements,
3: 30 – Terminations, sale of business,
4:00 – Accommodation
4:30 – Wrap-up

Refreshments for both breaks and lunch will be provided. Come and join us on May 29, 2014 and spend the day learning how to be compliant with both Acts. We are offering this full day of training for only $35.00 per per- son. If you wish to bring more people from your company we will offer a discount of 10% for each additional person. The venue for this seminar will be announced once we know how many people to expect. We need a minimum of 15 participants to run this seminar.

To register call HRSGroup Inc. at 705-749-1259 or 1-877-907-7744
Registration will be open until May 20, 2014