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This training is designed to complete the Certification process for Members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and assists them in understanding the hazards present in their workplace. The company through the JH&SC is required to assess the hazards associated with their workplace and have the Certified Members attend training that deals with the identified hazards in the workplace. HRS Group offers short information courses customized for the client company.

Some of our many courses are:

  • 1. Office Hazards
  • 2. Lift Truck Hazards
  • 3. Hazards Associated with Confined Spaces
  • 4. Elevated Work Locations
  • 5. Lockout/Tagout
  • 6. Asbestos Awareness
  • 7. Sprains and Strains
  • 8. Standard Safe Working Practices
  • 9. Ergonomics

Talk to our friendly staff about a customized awareness course for your JH&SC Certified Members to complete the Certification requirements.

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