Occupational Suitability Assessments

Occupational Suitability Assessments are excellent tools for your recruitment needs. HRS Group Inc administers assessments that measure aptitude, interests, behavior, dexterity, perceptional ability, and mechanical knowledge. These assessments are invaluable when looking for people to fill specific roles in your company. The candidate’s profile is matched against the specific job profile to find the best fit. With a database of 3000+ jobs, we can assist you to find the right person for your company, for an apprenticeship program or advancement to a management position.

General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB)

This is a series of measurements profiling a person’s ability to function in several aptitudes. Each aptitude is used in one of three distinct disciplines:

  1. The Cognitive Aptitudes investigate a person’s basic academic abilities to function in society. Numerically, verbally and the ability to learn new concepts.
  2. The Perceptual Aptitudes look at their ability to interpret what is seen visually in order to perceive pertinent detail and to observe differences in printed material.
  3. The Dexterity Skills measure basic coordination in eye-to-hand movements and the ability to move the arms, hands, and fingers skillfully.

The score in each aptitude creates a profile, which can be compared to proven successful profiles for different occupations. This comparison increases the opportunity to gain a highly motivated and productive employee.

Canadian Occupational Interest Inventory (COII)

Looks at the occupational interests of the individual.

  1. Working with People or Things
  2. Working in Scientific Activities or having Business Contact
  3. Performing Creative work or Routine work
  4. Having Solitary assignments or being involved in social activities
  5. Finishing a Product or receiving Prestige from the job.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II (BMCT II)

Measures a person’s knowledge of mechanical concepts.

Acoustics, Belt Drives, Centre of Gravity, Centrifugal Force, Electricity, Gears, Gravity and Velocity, Heat, Hydraulics, Inertia, Levers, Optics, Planes and Slopes, Pulley Systems, Resolution of Forces, Shapes and Volume, and Structures.