Who is HRSGroup?

HRS Group Inc. is a company devoted to the development of a positive and safe workplace. We provide training in various safety aspects, we also assist with the development of health and safety policy and procedure manuals.

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When booking your training ask about discounts. Request a quote and one of our staff members will be in touch.

  • Group Discounts Available
  • Over 30 Courses Offered
  • In Business Since 1996

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Payments & Cancellations

As we have many different types of clients from large corporations to individuals we had to develop different levels in order to accommodate all our client’s needs.

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Respirator Fit Testing

HRS Group consultants are accredited to perform respirator fit tests to meet your needs. Large or small groups can be accommodated at your facility or ours. Call for an appointment today.

We can assist with the correct size and ensure the right fit. We also train your staff in the proper maintenance procedure for their respirators.

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Pre-Employment Testing

HRS Group provides pre-employment testing for companies planning to hire new employees, promoting established employees into supervisory or management positions or considering placing employees into apprenticeship programs.


HRS Group is committed to your health & safety and offering the very best service to our clients. We are pleased to announce our new partnership with SkillsPass!  We made this decision because we agree that the current “wallet card system” can be better!

When you train with HRS Group, you will soon be able to access your valid training records anywhere, anytime, electronically!   Here are some of the features and benefits of this modernization:

  • Our trainees will be able to sign in to their very own unique SkillsPass account and view, share, and print their valid training records from HRS.
  • Go digital! SkillsPass issues every worker their own unique QR code in the system. Anyone who scans this code can get a complete picture of that worker’s certifications in real-time. It is printable but also accessible by phone; no more lost wallet cards!
  • Share your training with Employers or Site Manager with one click.
  • Your credentials belong to you! A worker can move to employer to employer and their records follow.
  • Notifications for re-training. The worker will receive three notifications before your certification is set to expiry. SkillsPass will send you a reminder at 60 days, 30 days, and 2 weeks before the expiry date, giving you ample time to schedule your re-training with HRS.
  • Mandated Ministry of Labour training records will soon be shared via SkillsPass to the provincial regulators in real time, eliminating the wait for hard copies and ensuring your compliance.

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