Elevated Work Platforms

Who needs this training?

Any worker operating any of the following pieces of equipment require this training, no matter the regulation in which you work in. The manufacturers manual will also re-iterate this.

Course Description

This training course is geared to both industrial and construction workers. It reviews the types of elevated work platforms, covered by the CSA Standards listed:

  1. Self-Propelled Elevated Work Platforms, B354.2, commonly termed a scissor lift.
  2. Self-Propelled Boom Supported Work Platforms, B354.4, commonly termed zoom, articulating or telescopic lifts.
  3. Elevated Rolling Work Platforms, B354.1, typically referred to as push around units.

Covered in this course: The Roles and Responsibilities for workplace parties according to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Construction Regulation 213/91 and any other applicable regulations will be covered, as well as the Inspection, Application and Operation of these type of equipment.

After successfully completing the classroom training course, HRS Group Inc. must conduct a Practical Skills Assessment on the equipment that will be operated by the worker. If this equipment does not exist on-site at the participants workplace (i.e., they are rented as needed) – HRS Group Inc. will facilitate the practical skills assessment with rented equipment. If the participant is currently not employed, HRS Group Inc. will also facilitate this assessment with rented equipment.

Note: A Practical Skills Assessment on a Scissor Lift does not cover the use of Self-Propelled Boom Supported Work Platforms, a separate practical skills assessment must be conducted to receive a certificate of completion.


  • Industrial Sector must have Fall Protection
  • Construction Sector must have Working at Heights

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Certificate Expiry: 3 Years

Certificate Type: Digital or Laminated