JHSC Certification – Part 1 (in class)

Who needs this training?

This CPO Approved Joint Health and Safety Training Certification Part 1 course is the first step toward individual certification for a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) member, which is required under section 9 of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that at least two members of the committee (one representing the workers and one representing the management team) be certified.

Certification status is awarded by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development after completing BOTH Part One (basic) and Part Two (hazard-specific) training.

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How many people are required to be on a JHSC?

  • 1 – 5 Employees? You are not required to have a JHSC unless a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace.
  • 6 – 19 Employees? You are required to have one health and safety representative who is selected by the workers they represent. If a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace, you are required to have a JHSC.
  • 20 – 49 Employees? You are required to have at least 2 JHSC members.
  • 50+ Employees? You are required to have at least 4 JHSC members.

Course Description

Upon the successful completion of the Joint Health and Safety Committee certification training, learners will have the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the legislated duties of a JHSC certified member and to support the workplace parties in understanding their roles as part of the Internal Responsibility System in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses.

Upon completion of the JHSC certification training Part One, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the certification process and explain the role of the Joint Health and Safety Committee certified member.
  • Describe the importance of occupational health and safety and outline the roles of each of the workplace parties.
  • Identify occupational health and safety legislation, demonstrate how to access information from it, and explain the basic rights, responsibilities, and training requirements.
  • Describe the purpose, legal requirements for, and rights, duties, and function of JHSCs and describe how a functioning JHSC works.
  • Describe the rights, duties and responsibilities of JHSC members and certified members
  • Describe the categories of hazards and the basic process of recognizing, assessing, and controlling hazards, and evaluating the hazard control
  • Explain hazard recognition and the process for workplace inspections and identify the legal requirements
  • Explain the purpose of and describe basic methods for doing a hazard assessment
  • Explain the purpose of, and describe basic methods of, hazard control and the purpose of the evaluation of hazard controls
  • Practice hazard recognition, assessment, and control, and evaluation of the hazard controls
  • State the requirements for, and describe the processes for, reporting and investigating fatalities, critical injuries, work refusals, and complaints of dangerous circumstances
  • Review and understand the legislative requirements for access to occupational health and safety information and demonstrate how to access typical sources of occupational health and safety information

For more information on establishing roles and clear procedures to support health and safety in your workplace, visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/guide-health-and-safety-committees-and-representatives.

Course Duration: 3 Days (approximately 8 hours/day)

Certificate Expiry: In general, your joint health and safety committee certification is valid for 3 years after the successful completion of an approved JHSC Part Two training program (Part two training must be completed within 12 months of receiving Part One training

You must successfully complete a refresher program within three years of the date of certification, or the date of successfully completing a refresher program, to keep your certification valid.

To be eligible for refresher training, workers must have successfully completed both parts of an approved JHSC certification program.

Certificate Type: Digital and Laminated