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Post #344 – Barabco Supervisor Fined $12,000

Excerpt from the Government of Ontario’s ‘Newsroom’

Dustin Greer, a supervisor with Barabco Design/Build Inc., a North York constructor, was fined $8,000 for a violation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that caused a worker to be injured. He was also fined $4,000 for providing an inspector with false information.

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Blog Post #299 – Landmark fines in 2009 Christmas Eve fatalities for Metron

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada Magazine

By: Greg Burchell

The highest criminal fine for corporate negligence causing death in Canadian history was handed down on Friday, but Ontario’s Federation of Labour says it is not enough.

Metron Construction Ltd., the company responsible for the deaths of four workers and the critical injury of another after a swing stage collapsed in Toronto in 2009, was fined $200,000 plus an additional $30,000 victim fine surcharge – double the previous largest fine and the first corporate guilty plea in Ontario since Criminal Code revisions were made in 2004. All 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act charges against Metron were dropped as part of the guilty plea.

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Blog Post #300 – Hurray – I Finally Made it!

It has been my sincere pleasure to bring all this important information to the readership. The research has been fun and is hard work, but if you love something, then it becomes easy to do.

There are still many more things needed to be said and I will continue to say them. There are still too many employers not understanding their responsibilities under the ACT and appropriate regulations. I see it every day. Just the other day, I had an employer come in for training on ‘Fall Protection’ and he allows his employees to use body belts as a travel restraint device when working on the roof. In fact, the workers tie off to the front ‘D’ ring. Could you picture someone falling with this set up? He/she would fall and land sideways and probably severely injure his/her back with possible long term complications. The proper way for ‘Fall and Travel Restraint is to attach to the back ‘D’ ring on a full body harness so as to end up in an upright position.

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