Blog Post #1170 – Experts Warn Many Countries are Driving Blind as They Reopen

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

Questions remain about how prepared many countries are in lockdowns.

The World Health Organization’s emergencies chief, Dr. Michael Ryan, said robust contact-tracing measures adopted by Germany and South Korea provide hope that those countries can detect and stop virus clusters before they can get out of control.

But he said other nations have not effectively employed contact-tracing investigators to contact people who test positive, tracked down their contacts and get them into quarantine before they can spread the virus. He declined to name specific countries.

“Shutting your eyes and trying to drive through this blind is about as silly an equation as I’ve seen,” Ryan said. “And I’m really concerned that certain countries are setting themselves up for some seriously blind driving over the next few months.”

U.S. contact tracing remains a patchwork of approaches and readiness levels. States are hiring and sourcing contact tracers, and experts say tens of thousands will be needed across the country.

Apple, Google, some U.S. states and European countries are developing contact-tracing apps that show whether someone crossed paths with an infected person. But the technology supplements and does not replace labour-intensive human work, experts say.

Worldwide, the virus has infected more than 27,000,000 (Sept.07) and almost 900,000 deaths including more that 193,000 deaths in the U.S. alone out of 6.46 million cases. Experts believe those numbers understate the outbreak’s true toll.

My opinion

Those that control the stats control the actual numbers. Our American friends, especially those at the top, or during everything they can to understate the numbers so that there may be some positivity out of all this.

The only positivity, I can see, is the day when a credible vaccine with a large success rate is introduced to the market were all can benefit.

Let us all hope that this happens sooner rather than later.

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