Confined Space Awareness

Who needs this training?

Are you required to enter Confined Spaces? Are you exposed to the hazards of a Confined Space? Do you know what a Confined Space is? There are specific regulations that must be followed when working in and around Confined Spaces, which includes training requirements. The purpose of the awareness course is to give you the required training and knowledge to understand safe operating procedures for Confined Space Entry, the hazards associated with them, the legislation and knowing your rights.

Course Description

A Confined Space is defined as a fully or partially enclosed space that is not both designed and constructed for continuous human occupancy and in which an atmospheric hazard may occur because of its construction, location, contents or because of work that is done in it.

This course will give students the knowledge to properly identify confined spaces, the hazards associated with them, entry requirements/procedures and the roles & responsibilities of everyone involved with working in and around confined spaces. Students will also learn about testing for atmospheric hazards and rescue plans/means of retrieval will be discussed.

This course follows O. Reg. 632/05 and meets Section 8. “Hazard Recognition and other general training” standards under O. Reg. 632/05.

Workers will still require plan-specific training on the tools, equipment, policies, and procedures under Section 9. “Plan-Specific Training” of the O. Reg. 632/05. This training would be completed by a competent worker on-site.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Certificate Expiry: 3 Years

Certificate Type: Digital or Laminated