Fall Protection

Who needs this training?

The Fall Protection training course is applicable to individuals working at heights who may be conducting tasks not found in the construction Regulations 213/91.

Course Description

Labour being completed by workers must not be covered in the Construction Regulations, once a worker conducts tasks that are contained within Ont. Reg. 213/91 – Construction Projects, the training course Working at Heights must be completed as per Section 26.2(1) of Construction Projects 213/91 and Section 7-9 of Ont. Reg. 297/13 – OH&S Awareness and Training. If this applies to you, please see our Working at Heights training course.

This Fall Protection training covers the topics of roles and responsibilities of workplace parties, guardrails, ladders, scaffolding, personal protective equipment used in a fall protection application (i.e., harness, lanyard, and anchor points), when and where it is required and proper inspection. Participants must don a harness and adjust it to ensure proper donning is comprehended (harnesses can be provided by HRS Group Inc. for this).

Course Duration: 3 Hours

Certificate Expiry: 3 Years

Certificate Type: Digital or Laminated