Who needs this training?

Any workers who work with or who may be exposed to hazardous products in the workplace must receive WHMIS education and how it applies to their workplace.

Course Description

The WHMIS GHS course teaches you the system and how to apply it in the workplace. Learning about WHMIS GHS is part of the knowledge that you need to protect yourself and your co-workers from hazardous products.

Topics covered:

  • Laws to Protect You
  • Product information – sources of information – SDSs, Supplier Labels, Workplace Labels, Placards
  • Hazards – Routes of entry, Heath effects, Pictograms
  • Safe use – Controlling the Hazards, PPE, exposure controls
  • Emergency actions – Evacuation, First Aid, Trade Secrets
  • Rights and Responsibilities – Rights and Responsibilities for Workplace Parties, Exemptions, Penalties

In addition to this WHMIS course, to be competent, you will also require WHMIS education and training on policies and procedures for chemicals specific to your workplace, as well as an annual WHMIS refresher in the workplace.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Certificate Expiry: 3 Years

Certificate Type: Digital or Laminated