Blog Post #9 – ‘Confined Space Entry’ Ontario Reg. 632/05 – 1st in Series

The main reason accidents occur in or around ‘Confined Spaces’ is because a PLAN has not been developed, by the employer, per the regulations.

The company must answer the following question,

What is a Confined Space?

A ‘Confined Space’ means a fully or partially enclosed space,

(a) that is not both designed and constructed for continuous human occupancy, and
(b) in which atmospheric hazards may occur because of its construction, location or contents or because of work that is done in it.

Ontario Regulation 632/05

A separate plan must be developed to deal with each ‘Confined Space’.

The plan shall contains provisions for:
a) The duties of workers;
b) Co-ordination document (section on lead employers);
c) On-site rescue procedures;
d) Rescue equipment and methods of communication;
e) Clothing and personal equipment and devices;
f) Isolation of energy and control of materials movement;
g) Attendants;
h) Adequate means for entering and exiting;
i) Atmospheric testing;
j) Ventilation and purging;
k) The Permit.

Every worker who enters a ‘Confined Space’  or who performs related work shall be given adequate training for safe work practices for working in ‘Confined Spaces’ , including training in the recognition of hazards associated with ‘Confined Spaces’. If training is to be provided then the employer must ensure that training is developed in consultation with the JHSC or H&S rep, if any. Also, the training must be reviewed annually.

As well, the employer SHALL ensure that a separate entry permit is issued each time work is to be formed in a confined space, before any worker enters the confined space.

An entry permit shall include at least the following;
a) The location of the confined space
b) The description of the work to be performed there
c) A description of the hazards and the corresponding control measures
d) The time period for which the entry permit applies
e) The name of the attendant
f) A record of each worker’s entries and exits
g) A list of the equipment required for entry and rescue, and verification that the equipment is in good working order
h) Results obtained in atmospheric testing
i) If the work to be performed in the confined space includes hot work, adequate provisions for the hot work and corresponding control measures

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