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Blog Post #151 – Confined Space Death at Sure Fresh Foods Inc.

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada Magazine

In early January, Sure Fresh Foods Inc. entered a single guilty plea for its failure to provide information, instruction and supervision to a worker regarding confined space entry procedures.

A $150,000 fine has been levied against a chicken-processing company in Barrie, Ontario following the death of a worker in April, 2006.

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Blog Post #10 – Confined Space Entry – Ontario Reg. 632/05 “2nd in Series”

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A Co-ordination Document

In a Confined Space with multi-employer involvement, rules are applied if the workers of more than one employer perform work in the same confined space or related work with respect to the same confined space. Before any worker enters the confined space or begins related work with respect to the confined space, the lead employer shall prepare a co-ordination document to ensure that the duties imposed on employers are performed in a way that protects the health and safety of all workers in or around the confined space. The co-ordination document may provide for the performance of a duty or duties by one or more employers on behalf of one or more of the employers, with respect to some or all of the workers.

A copy of the co-ordination document shall be provided to:

a) Each employer of workers who perform work in the same confined space; and
b) The JHSC or Health & Safety representative, if any, for each employer of workers who perform work in the same confined space.

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