Blog Post #1360 – Fatality Prompts Charges in Labrador

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (Nov. 2015)

The Occupational Health & Safety branch Newfoundland and Labrador government is charged to companies into individuals for a worker fatality.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on October 25, 2013 when a roofing worker died after falling from the top of a building in Labrador City. According to a statement issued by Service N.L., on November 06th, 2015, employer McCarthy’s Roofing Limited was charged with 8 counts, including not providing effective instruction or supervision, failing to use a fall-protection system, operating a hoist incorrectly and ignoring safe work procedures in general.

A McCarthy supervisor is charged with three counts related to insufficient supervision, while another employee is charged with four counts alleging inadequate protection of himself and his colleagues. The building owner, Northern Property REIT, is charged with failing to ensure that contracted employers and workers complied with Occupational Health & Safety Law.

My opinion

The report maybe seven years old but Newfoundland has come a long way in health and safety law and enforcement. In fact, you are one of the leading provinces in fall to action training which includes a program that is acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

In Ontario, ‘Working at Heights’, is the government standard for all construction workers that may work in an elevated position and where a possibility of a fall exists. Only the NFLD equivalent can be substituted.

That certainly says a lot!

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