Blog Post #198 – Collapsed Stack Claims Young Worker

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

An 18-year-old worker in Ontario suffered fatal crushing injuries when a stack of steel tubing fell on him, prompting a $75,000 fine for his employer.

Neucorp Enterprises Inc. pleaded guilty to one safety breach. The company failed to ensure stacks of steel tubing were placed and stored so that they would not tip, collapse or fall, and that the stacks could be removed without endangering the safety of a worker, says a statement from Ontario’s Ministry of Labour (MOL).

On June 12, 2006, the employee was working at Neucorp Enterprises’ metal fabricating shop in Windsor, Ontario. The worker was critically injured when stacks of metal tubing collapsed, pinning him. He later succumbed to his injuries.

My opinion

Here we find Neucorp Enterprises Inc., failing to protect one of their employees. It is my belief that section 46 of the ‘Industrial Regulations’ was violated and that section states,

“Machinery, equipment or material that may tip or fall and endanger any worker shall be secured against tipping or falling.”

This time, the author had to investigate and determine which section of the Act or the appropriate regulations were violated. The review took me to section 46 of the Industrial regulation and there is was. It becomes easier over time to get the information, after so much research. I knew it had to be close to section 45, the first in a long line of sections that deal with ‘Material Handling’.

The Health and Safety Coordinator of any company should always have a working knowledge of the Act and the regulations. I hope the continued blog postings from HRS Group Inc. help the H&S coordinator and become a template for review and to expand their knowledge. Heaven knows, many of them really need it.

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