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Blog Post #129 – A Banner Day for HRS Group Inc. – Registered Blog Comment 10,000!

I have enough material to create many more blogs but today I have to speak from the heart and this blog is personally aimed at my readers.

I started blogging at the end of November last year, and here we are, August 30th, 2011 and we have 131 blogs to date. This is not the special information I want to pass on to the readers. No, the real deal is that I have just reviewed the 10,000 registered comment! Wow!!! There are comments from all around the world. Russia, Poland, Australia, India, many from England, and much from my friends in the United States as well as my home country of Canada.

Thank you all.

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Blog Post #121 – You Must Comply with JHSC Membership Requirements

It is not just that the law says that certain organizations must have JHSCs (joint health and safety committees) , the legal driving force behind the committee is ‘Due Diligence’. A company or individual that fails to establish a legally-required JHSC has no chance of making out a due diligence defence. The result is exposure to liability under OHS laws and even criminal liability under Bill C-45.

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Blog Post #120 – Fall Protection – Section 26.2 of the Construction Regulation 213/91 – Second in Series

26.2 (1) states,

“An employer shall ensure that a worker who may use a fall protection system is adequately trained in its use and given adequate oral and written instructions by a competent person.”

(2) states,

“The employer shall ensure that the person who provides the training and instruction referred to in subsection (1) prepares a written training and instruction record for each worker and signs the record.”

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Blog Post #118 – The Disregard of Fall Protection – Right at My Doorstep

It was an agitated Daniel L. Beal who witnessed a total disregard for human life during the daytime on Wednesday August 03, 2011. At that time, I was covering for our receptionist who was on her own training course (clerical) and I watched three individuals, on top of a restaurant in Peterborough, attempting to install a large replacement air conditioner in the pouring rain.

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