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Blog Post #262 – Manitoba WCB Warns Against Poor Heat Preparedness

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

With a heat wave hitting the prairies, an official with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board says employers should have a plan in place to protect people on the job. Warren Preece of the WCB says hot weather is as much a hazard in the workplace as an unguarded saw or working on a roof without fall protection. He says high heat can cause exhaustion, dizziness and even seizures in some instances.

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Blog Post #92 – Heat Stress & the Law

The first thing every employer needs to understand is that there is, without question, a legal duty to safeguard workers against the risks of heat stress. Seven provinces/territories (BC, NB, NL, PE, QC, SK and YT) include in their OHS regulations specific measures that employers must take to protect workers against heat stress. For example, Part 7 of the B.C. OHS Regulation requires employers to:

– Limit workers’ exposure to excessive heat;
– Conduct heat stress assessments to determine workers’ risks of hazardous exposure;
– Put into place a heat stress exposure control plan; and
– Implement engineering and administrative controls.

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