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Blog Post #1395 – Suicide Warrants Broader Probe: Union

Toronto Star

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (July 2016)

Article by Jeff Cottrill, Editor

Less than two months after a reported at Canada’s largest newspaper took her own life, the publication has agreed to an external review of its workplace culture, but the union representing its journalists is pushing for a broader investigation into how that culture may have contributed to tragedy.

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Blog Post #495 – Bullying Bosses: When Harassment is Not Discrimination

What legal remedies do employees have if they are verbally or non-verbally bullied by their supervisor or co-workers? In the workplace, bullying can include behaviours such as: damaging your reputation; humiliating you in public; accusing you of lack of effort; calling you names; insulting, teasing, or intimidating you; preventing your access to opportunities; isolating you physically or socially; imposing undue pressure to produce work; setting impossible deadlines; making consistent unnecessary disruptions; failing to give you credit; assigning meaningless tasks; setting you up for failure; or removing responsibility (C. Rayner, H. Hoel, C. Cooper, Workplace Bullying: What We Know, Who is to Blame and What We Can Do, London: Taylor and Francis, 2002).