Blog Post #1175 – Some Resistance as Quebec Makes Masks in Indoor Public Places Mandatory

Excerpts from the OH&S Canada magazine

Quebec’s mandatory face-covering measure for indoor public places has largely been followed since it came into effect July 18, 2020, but there has been some opposition to the COVID-19 related order from those who don’t want to wear one.

Quebec became the first province in Canada to bring about such a rule, which applies to people age 12 and older. Some cities have similar rules in place on their territory.

“Assessment of the first day of compulsory wearing the mask enclosed public places: the vast majority of Quebecers respected the instructions,” Premier Francois Legault tweeted on July 19, 2020 20.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and public health authorities urging people to do on a face-covering amid concerns about a second wave of the virus, several anti–mask protests took place across the province.

Videos of circulated online people being ejected from stores after refusing to wear a mask, including one widely shared incident in Montréal were police officers physically tackled and removed a man from a temporalis restaurant in the city’s east-and on July 18, 2020.

The man was charged with obstructing police work and released on a promise to appear.

For now, businesses are expected to enforce the new rules and are subject to fines of between $400 and $6000 if their customers are caught violating the directive.

Business groups are called on the government to shift those fines to consumers and willing to abide by the rules.

My opinion

There are still many out there that still believe masks are not necessary. So far, those unaffected have been lucky. The threat of Covid-19 is still there and will still be there until the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies get their act together and come up with a vaccine for all.

Let’s hope this isn’t too far into the future. As a business owner, I wonder if we could handle a second wave. I think not!

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