Blog Post #1220 – Montreal Boost Cabbie Safety

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (Sept., 2014)

Montreal’s taxi sector has adopted new policies that will beef up driver safety by equipping cabs with security devices. Montréal Mayor Denis Coderre made the announcement at a meeting with drivers, business owners and other stakeholders in the industry on June 30, 2014. The changes, which took effect in August, were spurred by a report released by the municipal government’s taxi commission in May.

Report May 21 recommendations focusing on the safety of drivers and customers, modernizing the industry and funding. Among the recommendations for the mandatory installation of security cameras in, equipping cameras with black boxes accessible only to police officers and installing GPS locators that would enable dispatching centres to track taxis.

Aref Salem, the city’s transportation official, says the commission is working on scenarios for funding support the implementation of measures and reduce the financial burden on members.

The mayor’s office confirms the security measures are in response to the death of Montréal cab driver Ziad Bouzid, who was murdered by a passenger last November. (2013) Mayor Coderre says the new security measures are expected to raise the standard of the cities taxi industry.

My opinion

The taxi world has always been an area where there is direct contact with people, good or bad. The receive a fare and then are placed at the mercy of the passengers and hope that everything will be safe and incident-free.

I am very glad that the city of Montreal has seen the sense of beefing up security to a very vulnerable work sector. Many other cities could take a page out their book if they suffer the same problem.

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