Blog Post #1400 – Roofing Company Penalized in Saskatchewan

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (July 2016)

A roofing firm was fined $3,500 after a workplace inspection found employees working without proper personal protective equipment.

According to a statement from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety dated July 06, 2016, Royal Roofing Contractors Ltd., a Calgary-based company with a location in Saskatoon, had been charged with failure to ensure that workers were wearing approved head protection and using fall protection equipment in areas where they could fall three metres or more.

The charges resulted from a complaint after employees had been spotted in Regina working on a two-storey building without any fall protection gear. Royal Roofing pleaded guilty on June 21, 2016. Two other occupational health and safety charges were dropped.

My opinion

I was not surprised that a Calgary-based company failed in their responsibility to protect their workers. The Alberta government has consistently been lacking in the enforcement side of the safety laws and this tends to lead to contraventions on a regular basis.

The safety culture must be driven by management and filtered right through the company. Royal Roofing was fortunate this contravention was not in Ontario, BC, or the province of Quebec. The penalties would have been more severe.

Remember, Falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths on construction sights. It does not matter which province we talk about the dangers are similar across Canada.

It would not be unheard of to see fines during Ontario blitzes regarding Fall Protection to be in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

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