Blog Post #1491 – Elevating Work Platform by Haulotte – Not Designed to Propane Code

As a certified propane trainer in ‘Heaters and Torches’ and Propane Filling’, among others,  it is my job to review tanks as part of the inspection program prior to use.

HRS Group Inc., is a health and safety training and consulting company in the Peterborough area and we are constantly on our toes for safety violations to ensure safety for all our customers.

Haulotte construction grade Self-propelled Elevating Work Platform (Scissor-lift), model 3368RT, made in 2023, now has the propane tank support bracket 90 degrees from normal and the locating pin now sits at 9:00. (Review picture provided)

They have now rendered every 33 pound propane tank manufactured since the beginning, useless.

The service valve is connected to a long tube that will be always located up at the bottom of the tank to ensure the tank has access to the liquid propane. On its end, it sits in the liquid, but it is very important, when the tank is sitting horizontally, that is sits at 6:00 to ensure the same thing.

Haulotte, has now made that useless. At the 9:00 position, the tube connected to the service valve also sits at 9:00 and will not be in the liquid for very long.

I have sent the picture to the Canadian Propane Association, of which I am a certified instructor for the past 15.5 years, and they are excited to find out where we go from here. They are in total agreement with my findings.

I notified Haulotte by telephone and no return call has been received.

As a company in construction, please ensure that the 3368RT, new this year, has the locating pin at 6:00 and not at 9:00. You may decide on an older model, or another manufacturer. Either way, you will get more propane from the tank than from the 3368RT, Haulotte’s  poorly-designed machine.

I do wonder why someone in their engineering department not notice the tank pin moved so far off spot. It had to be a conscience effort on their part because every other machine made, scissor-lift, boom lift and forklift, has the locating pin at 6:00.

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Daniel L. Beal

CHSEP – Advanced Level
CEO & Senior Trainer
HRS Group Inc.

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