Blog Post #845 – Outreach Program Launched

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

The Canadian National Railway Company (CN) is reaching out to municipalities along its North American rail network to review it safety practices, share relevant information on dangerous goods traffic discuss emergency response planning.

Claude Mongeau, CN president and chief executive, says although 99.998% of real industry movements of dangerous goods arrive at their destinations without accidental releases, “CN understands that municipalities feel they need more transparency and information sharing from railways about the dangers commodities moving through their communities and that is why we launched a comprehensive outreach program in the fall of 2013 and communities along our network in Canada and are now launching a similar program this year in the United States.”

Under the new engagement program, CN is approaching municipal officials and emergency responders to ensure that they have contact information for appropriate CN officials and targeted information will assist them in their emergency response planning.

In many cases, the outreach includes face-to-face meetings and discussions on the nature, volume and economic importance of transport of dangerous goods and reviews of emergency response planning. CN officials will also conduct training sessions for emergency responders when requested.

“To date, we have reached to the vast majority of communities on our network in Canada. In addition, we have held close to 100 meetings with communities in Canada, predominantly the larger ones, and will be reaching out to many more municipalities a share in both Canada and the United States,” Mongeau says. The outreach program will involve nearly 1100 communities in Canada and some 870 communities in the United States.

Mongeau reports that CN reduced its accident rate per million Train miles by 9% last year, and that main track accidents have declined by about 50% in the past decade despite increased freight volumes.

My opinion

Transportation of Dangerous Goods or TDG can be a dangerous occupation and many things have to be in place so that all workers, shippers/receivers, transport drivers and others, are fully protected.

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