Blog Post #1458 – Dealership Pleads Guilty

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine (Oct. 2016)

An auto dealership in Saskatoon was fined $35,000 on August 18, 2016, over an incident in 2015 that left one of its workers with a broken arm.

According to a statement dated August 25, 2016, from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, an employee of Jubilee Ford Sales (1983) ltd. was trying to repair an overhead door when a loose anchor bracket caused the door fall onto the worker’s forearm and fracture it in several places.

The company pleaded guilty to violating sub-clause 25(2)(b) of Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, which deals with maintenance and repair of equipment. Jubilee faced two additional charges, but these were later dropped.

My opinion

The door should have been braced to prevent accidental movement. Ontario has a large section in the Industrial regulations that states,

Section 46,

“Machinery, equipment or material that may tip or fall and endanger any worker shall be secured against tipping or falling.”

A completed JHA (Job Hazard Assessment or Analysis) would have revealed the danger and, possibly, saved the worker from being harmed.

Funny how things happen and no one actually completes JHAs?

By the way, in Ontario, we all have to live to section 25, subsection 2(h) of the OHSA which states,

“An employer shall,

(h)     Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of the worker.”

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