Blog Post #177 – Handling the 20,000th Comment

It is important to note that our company started blogging just over a year ago, November 2010. In that time, we began receiving comments and our first 10,000 comments were received by September,2011 which would have taken about 9 months to accomplish this. As of December 08, 2011, HRS Group Inc. has processed over 20,000 comments. This would account for 10,000 comments over a 3 month timeframe, something we were not ready for. Nice to accomplish but we were not ready for such a response! I sure have a lot of work ahead!

The health and safety issues in the workplace, across Canada, are so numerous, I have enough material to continue blogging for the next few years. Many companies, those in Ontario as well as those in other provinces, are not necessarily up on the appropriate regulations that apply to their workplace and put their workforce in danger.

As the Vice President, the Training Director, as well as the company blogger, I feel it is necessary for our company to publicize the wrong doings of companies, explain the law(s) broken and make it our company’s business to add possible corrective action through our opinions.

If you or someone in your company has presented HRS Group Inc. with a comment I would like to thank you. I do attempt to review all comments for others to see and, considering the large number already, I believe the word is getting out.

It is my sincere wish to help a company succeed with ‘Zero Accident’ state. All it takes to succeed with health and safety in your workplace is cooperation from the top management, the application by all workers to ensure the following of all safe practices in the workplace and ‘Due Diligence’ by the supervisors to ensure that the intent of the managers is followed each and every day. Mind you, if the top management does not practice safe work ethics, or does not see the benefit to safe work practices, then everyone down the line will pick up on this lack of effort and will work accordingly.

Again, on behalf of HRS Group Inc., I would always encourage the readers to leave a comment, positive or negative. I promise to attempt to read them all and deal with them as soon as possible.

I may have to hire someone just to deal with the large amount of comments. Lol

Remember — In Ontario, “ALL Accidents are Preventable”

HRS Group Inc. has a great team that can help you with all your health and safety need. Contact Deborah toll free at 1-877-907-7744 or locally at 705-749-1259.

We can also be reached at 

‘Work’ and ‘Play’ safe.

Daniel L. Beal
CHSEP – Foundation Level
VP & Senior Trainer
HRS Group Inc.

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