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Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

The BC ‘Construction Safety Alliance’ in New Westminster, British Columbia has teamed with several provincial and national partners to promote vision safety and eye safety among workers throughout the province.

The team looking to bolster awareness and reduce the potential for injury includes the BCCSA, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), the British Columbia Association of Optometrists and WorkSafe BC.

A province-wide series of workshops on vision safety will be led by Brad Waghorn, a blind CNIB staffer, notes a statement from the BCC SA, which represents employers in the construction, aggregate and ready-mixed sectors.
The participants will be blindfolded to give them a good understanding of how Waghorn, the CNIB’s British Columbia manager, Industrial Eye Safety Program, lives on a daily basis.

“The BC CSA is showing leadership to the construction industry by encouraging employers and workers to increase the emphasis on vision safety as part of the regular safety programming,” Waghorn says. “The daily use of our protection on a construction site is an easy, low-cost safety habit that can prevent devastating accidents that can result in blindness,” adds BCCSA Executive Director Mike McKenna.

My opinion

This particular article was issued June 2011. The importance of eye-care on the job site cannot be taken lightly as many people are continuing to receive eye injuries because of either not wearing PPE or wearing inadequate PPE.

In Ontario, regulation 834 states, “a critical injury includes the loss of one eye.” This is deemed to be serious enough that the MOL has to get involved because the loss of an eye can be life altering. Marriages end, families are divided, loss of income and as well as loss of self-esteem are some of the factors that have to be taken into consideration because of the large amount of lost time injuries due to the loss of an eye. It is not uncommon to see suicide after such a traumatic experience. A “critical injury or death is an automatic call to the MOL”.

It is my hope that all employers see the value of high-level eye protection PPE for all their workers. It will be to their benefit to keep their workforce healthy and happy to become a preferred employer based on their safety record and safety culture.

Remember – In Canada, “ALL Accidents are Preventable”

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