Blog Post #963 – Draft Cannabis Policy Released in P.E.I.

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Prince Edward Island is approved, in principle, a new policy on medical cannabis as a treatment option for work-related injuries or diseases and is seeking feedback on the draft policy by September 2, 2018.

“Medical evidence reporting the effectiveness of cannabis treatment is emerging,” the WCB says in a statement. The proposed policy, which is based on current research and prescribing guidelines for physicians, “will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it aligns with accepted medical practices and the growing body of medical evidence related to cannabis treatment.”

Currently, the goal of medical cannabis is considered only under exceptional circumstances as set out in WCB policy, Medications (POL-120). The proposed new policy provides further explanation of the criteria for the approval of medical cannabis to facilitate the WCB’s provision of appropriate medical aid in a responsible and cost-effective manner, as well as increase understanding among injured workers, employers, healthcare providers and other stakeholders.

The proposed policy also sets out specifics circumstances, criteria and conditions under which medical cannabis may be approved as a treatment for work-related injuries or diseases, including the following:

  • specific injuries;
  • diseases and symptoms for which medical cannabis may be approved;
  • allowable quantity, price, route and chemical composition of medical cannabis;
  • criteria for trial approval of medical cannabis;
  • safeguards to ensure that risks are assessed and monitored;
  • expectations related to prescribing protocols; and
  • conditions under which approval may be suspended or discontinued.

My opinion

It is about time that medical cannabis is becoming more and more accepted since it is now the law of the land to purchase and use cannabis legally. Medical treatment MUST taken precedent and mindset changes are necessary to facilitate more access to medical cannabis as a positive step forward in the treatment of patients in need.

Good for the province of Prince Edward Island in coming into the 21st century!

Ensure your workplace is a safe place.

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