Blog Post #490 – First Day at the CSSE Conference – Calgary, Alberta

Blog Post #490 – First Day at the CSSE Conference – Calgary, Alberta


We traveled on 9-11. How stupid was that, or was it? One cannot be afraid for what MIGHT happen so it never entered our thoughts about the significance of what we we doing. All I wanted was to get on the plane and start our trip.

The 3 hour, 45 minute flight went off without a hitch. No turbulence, no baggage issues, very uneventful as flights go. That is always a good thing. The CSSE Conference is a blast!

We made it to Calgary and, after finding our bags, the first hitch came up. One of the best hotels in Calgary, the Hyatt Regency, did not have a shuttle service at the designated spots. There were over 40 lesser grade hotels with a shuttle but not this one. A $45.00 taxi fare was a little hard to swallow.

The hotel is worth the stay. It is high end and the rooms are wonderful. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom is spacious, and everything one may need is only a phone call away. Yes, it looks like President Angela and I are going to have a good time.

Daniel L. Beal – CHSEP
VP. and Senior Trainer
HRS Group Inc.



  1. Vladimir

    I see you had a great time!

    1. Katherine

      Many thanks!

  2. Julio

    You are one in a million!

  3. Harry and Alex

    I am glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Ashley

    Wow, amazing blog layout!

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