Blog Post #1211 – Miner Struck by Ore

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

A miner in northern Ontario is died after being struck by or while working underground.

North American Palladium Limited employee Pascal Goulet, 38, was fatally injured on July 10, 2014 when he was struck by a piece of broken or while outside of the loader he was operating at the company’s Lac des Iles mine near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Phil du Toit, North American Palladium’s Pres. and Chief Executive Officer, says the company and union are cooperating with government authorities and counselling has been made available to affected family members and all employees and contract workers on site.

Bruce Skeaff, spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, says for compliance orders unrelated to the fatality were issued. To stop-work orders – one for the location and one for the equipment involved – and in order to ensure that ground conditions were examined for dangers and, if required, made safe, were issued.

The fourth order required the employer to comply with already established procedures to ensure the operator and workers were in a safe location when equipment was operated on or moved.

Skeaff reports that two additional orders were later issued: ensure that written procedures are established and followed related to the precautions to be taken before, during and after removal of materials; and stop work until the employer complies with the first order.

My opinion

There were a few questions needing an answer before this terrible accident occurred.

1) Why was the operator outside of the vehicle when there is a potential for material to fall on him?

2) Was the supervisor actually involved with the actual application and operation of the job?

3) Was there a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) and, if so, were they looking in this direction for possible hazards; and

4) Was there ever a completed JHA by a third party?

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