Blog Post #1485 – Workplace Injury Results in $120,000 Fine for Thunder Bay Pulp and Paper Company

Excerpt from the government of Ontario’s ‘Newsroom’

A worker, employed by Resolute Forest Products Inc., Thunder Bay, Ontario, a pulp and paper company, was seriously injured while improperly using equipment to move a transformer without the appropriate steering handles and pads. Resolute Forest Products Inc. failed to ensure that the measures and procedures prescribed by section in the ‘Industrial regulation’ 851/90.

On July 31, 2021, workers were asked to bring a replacement transformer to another part of the facility. The workers used a forklift to push the transformer, which weighed over 22,000 lbs.

To facilitate the move, they placed “Hillman rollers” under each corner of the transformer and used ball peen hammers to adjust its direction instead of using the steering handles and pre-load pads that are intended for use with Hillman rollers. Additionally, the replacement transformer was not secured to the rollers as recommended in the Hillman Roller Products Instruction Manual.

When a worker struck a roller with their hammer, the transformer toppled on its side, seriously injuring one of the workers.

Resolute Forest Products Inc. failed as an employer to ensure that the transformer was moved in a way that did not endanger the safety of any worker.

Following a guilty plea in the Ontario Court of Justice, Thunder Bay Court, Resolute Forest Products Inc. was fined $120,000 by Justice of the Peace, Tobey Meyer. Crown Counsels were Jeff Ludlow and Line Forestier.

The court also imposed a 25 per cent victim fine surcharge as required by the Provincial Offences Act. The surcharge is credited to a special provincial government fund to assist victims of crime.

My opinion

The law(s) in contravention:

Resolute Forest Products was found guilty of a contravention of the Ontario ‘Industrial Establishments’ sector regulation 851/90, section 45, subsection (a) which states,

“Material, articles, or things,

  • required to be lifted, carried, or moved, shall be lifted, carried, or moved in such a way and with such precautions and safeguards, including protective clothing, guards or other precautions as will ensure that the lifting, carrying, or moving of the material, articles or things does not endanger the safety of any worker.”

This is in direct contravention of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), section 25, subsection 1(c) which states,

“An employer shall ensure that,

  • the measures and procedures prescribed are carried out in the workplace.”

There were simple directions concerning the movement of the material. Why Resolute Forest Products failed to follow said directions is confusing. Heavy weight would always be an issue especially if the material was not properly supports.

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