Blog Post #551 – Lack of Training Spurs Fine

Excerpt from the OH&S Canada magazine

The failure to properly train workers on venting installation for gas boiler has ended with an Ontario engineering company being fine $35,000.

In May, Carmichael engineering Limited pleaded guilty to the single breach of Ontario’s ‘Technical Standards and Safety Act’, 2000.

In January 2008, an inspector for the TSSA ‘Fuel Safety Program’ conducted an investigation at Bayshore Community Garden Homes and Town Homes in Ottawa. The inspector determined that Carmichael Engineering employees who would installed to high-efficiency gas boilers at the locations were not properly trained on how to apply adhesives on its venting at the time of the installation, notes a TSSA statement.

Ontario regulations prohibit a person from performing installation, operation and maintenance work unless properly trained in such functions, the authority reports. Carmichael Engineering has since updated its training practices.

Ruud Berkel, acting Dir. Of TSSA’s ‘Fuel Safety Program’, notes in the statement that “failing to comply with safety requirements is a serious offense.” Although pursuing prosecutions for non-compliance is important, Berkel points out, working with stakeholders towards compliance and cooperation “is the cornerstone of fuel safety.”

My opinion

The Ministry of Labour follows up on any TSSA issue after they have completed a full investigation. In this case, the inspector determined that the employees were not trained properly to install the high-efficiency gas boilers and that is a no-no at any place of employment in Ontario. The supervisor should of been a leader and driven training programs to ensure competency under the law. The OHSA, section 25, sub-section 2(c) states, “the employer, when hiring a supervisor hires a competent person.” The OHSA, section 27, sub-section 1(a) states, “the supervisor shall ensure the workers work in the manner and procedures required by the Act and the regulations.” The supervisor lacked the appropriate skills to supervise. The lack of training was unacceptable!

All this leads to training! No one should learn the job on the run. That was the way it was done many years ago but today’s workforce expects training to be better prepared for whatever hazard he or she encounters.

Remember – In Ontario, “ALL Accidents are Preventable”

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