Blog Post #159 – Fall Protection – Section 26 of the Construction Regulation 213/91- Eighth in Series

Section 26.4, sub-section 1 states,

“A travel restraint system shall consist of a full body harness with adequate attachment points or a safety belt.”

My opinion

If any company is still using body belts then they should have their collective heads examined. The damage to the mid section, in the event of a fall, for most people, would be life threatening. A body harness, as part of a ‘Fall Protection’ plan, is the right way to go.’

Section 26.4, sub-section 2 states,

“ The full body harness or safety belt shall be attached by a lifeline or lanyard to a fixed support that meets the requirements of section 26.7”, which states,
“The anchor shall be installed according to the ‘Building Code’.”

As long as the anchor can handle up to 5,000 pounds of force per employee attached, then the requirements have been met. Again, try to lose the body belts and the ‘safer’ full body harness.

Section 26.4, sub-section 3 states,

“The travel restraint system shall be inspected by a competent worker before each use.”

This exact information was requested from me recently. The concern was, if there really was a need to employ someone to complete a yearly inspection. My opinion was yes as laid out by the code for manufacturers. Large companies such as Miller or DeLoews Fall Protection, have in place, training that covers the use of a competent person to complete a separate inspection as part of a relevant plan. Any company not considering this type of extra control is looking for a possible future meeting with the Ministry of Labour.

Section 26.4, sub-section 4 states,

“If a component of the travel restraint system is found to be defective on inspection, the defective component shall immediately be taken out of service.”

Not necessary to give my opinion here. Anyone finding a defective component, and uses anyway, needs to have their heads examined.

By the way, all this information could have been found under the Ontario regulation 145, section 14.

Remember — In Ontario, “ALL Accidents are Preventable”

‘Work’ and ‘Play’ safe.

Daniel L. Beal
CHSEP – Foundation Level
VP & Senior Trainer
HRS Group Inc.

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