Blog Post #493 – Day 5 of the CSSE Conference

Hello all,

I have finished the three lectures that were provided today. I have listed them for the reader’s information,

1) Leading the Way: Safety Climate as an Indicator of Organizational Culture and Business Outcomes,

2) Supervisors – Safety Asset or Liability? (Liked this one), and

3) Breakthrough Change in Workplace Health and Safety.

The material was interesting especially the supervisor course in the middle. This particular issue is near and dear to my heart so I was really ready for this one. (since I have a supervisory course to teach when I get back to Ontario)

There was an award’s breakfast this morning in Calgary, Alberta and it was announced that there were over 1,200 in attendance. This was the largest amount ever to attend. Let’s hope we surpass this in Ottawa next year. The CSSE conference is in full swing!

Daniel L. Beal – CHSEP

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