Blog Post #494 – Day 5 of the CSSE Conference, Calgary, Alberta 2014


This was another day to take in lectures on various topics, which were,

1) An Engaged Workforce: MSD Injury Prevention and Management,

2) Great Safety Leadership: The Only Way to a Zero Injury Culture, and

3) Get a Grip on Safety – An Approach to a Company-Wide Safety Program.

The first program was dry to say the least. I did not even know I was mispronouncing Musculoskeletal Disorders (the 2nd e is long) (go figure) There was a lot to learn but there was much repetition so I do not think I was able to get most things out of it.

The 2nd lecture was an eye-opening talk to say the least. There were numerous tips to look for when applying safety leadership techniques in the workplace.

The 3rd lecture was there as an approach to putting a company-wide safety program in your facility. This one also gave a few ideas that I did not think about when approaching management to implement safety culture changes. I am really glad I attended this one.

I do hope to have Angela complete a few posts dealing with the topics she decided to listen in on. Calgary, Alberta, what a great place!

Daniel L. Beal – CHSEP – Foundation Level
VP & Senior Trainer
HRS Group Inc.

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